Groups of 20 +

Large Parties (20+)

Thank you for choosing the Lake Elmo Inn for your upcoming event.

Here is the information we will need to aid in the preparation of your reservation.


Regarding your interest in setting up a Private-Dining or Large Group Reservation:

Please keep in mind the restaurant is closed on Mondays & Tuesdays, so no one will be available here for correspondence. During the month of December, the restaurant is closed on Mondays only.

Please let us know your menu selections via email at least 1-2 weeks prior to your reservation date.


Each room’s capacity is listed below.

Let us know which room would accommodate your group’s size while staying within the room capacity.

Our Veranda holds up to 36 guests.

Our Kohler room holds up to 50 guests.

Our Oak room holds up to 60 guests.


LUNCH-TIME EVENTS (Wed-Fri between 11am-2pm, Saturday between 10-2pm):

Before your event, we require a deposit of $300.00.

There is a food & beverage minimum for each dining room.

Veranda: $600.00 food & beverage minimum

Kohler room: $600.00 food & beverage minimum

Oak room:  $600.00 food & beverage minimum


DINNER-TIME EVENTS (Wed-Sat between 5-9pm, Sunday between 4:30-8:30pm):

Before your event, we require a deposit of $500.00.

There is a food & beverage minimum for each dining room.

Veranda: $1750.00 food & beverage minimum

Kohler room: $2250.00 food & beverage minimum

Oak room:  $2250.00 food & beverage minimum


**Food & beverage pricing would be based on the menu pricing on the date of your event.**

NOTE: Due to uncertain times, prices for goods and services, including food, may not remain stable into the near future. The prices listed on our menu are current. However, due to market conditions, these prices are subject to change. If there is an unusual food cost increase for anything on your menu, we will do our best to find a replacement, if this is what you wish to do, to keep your cost stable. Please speak with your Event Coordinator for additional information.


If you reach the minimum for food & beverage (per room), then the deposit will be applied to cover part of your bill.

If the minimum for food & beverage (per room) is not reached, the deposit can be applied to make up a portion of the difference.

The room deposit payment information is collected over the phone or in-person when the reservation is made or no less than 2 weeks before the event date.

Any cancellations made less than 7 days prior to the event date will receive the room deposit fee as a non-refundable Lake Elmo Inn gift certificate.

Cancellations must be made directly with a Lake Elmo Inn employee, not through email or voicemails.


For private dining/groups of 20+ guests (or small groups who prefer to use a condensed menu) we use a limited menu and have you select 2-6 entrees options, entrées are selected from our restaurant menus to make a special condensed menu for your group. Please refer to the information below to create your menu. Menu link:

All groups of 40+ guests require a PREORDER to help the kitchen with the high volume of meals being produced. This means that prior to your reservation date, let us know how many orders each entrée option.


For a Lunch condensed menu, please select & create a condensed menu from our website, consisting of:

2-6 entrée options
(optional) Dessert


For a Dinner condensed menu, please select & create a condensed menu from our website, consisting of:

(optional) 1 starter option: (soup du jour, french onion soup, MN wild rice-duck soup, market salad, caesar salad) 
2-6 entrée options (please include portion options for steaks & chops)
1 starch option: (MN wild rice, linguine, baked potato, or our potato of the day)
(optional) Dessert


For hors d’oeuvres orders: all quantities must be preordered.

Generally, we recommend at least 1-2 pieces of each selected hors d’oeuvres per person, when planning to follow with a meal entrée.

I’d be glad to have one of our chef’s get in contact with you, if you’d like assistance in selecting options to adequately satisfy your guests and answer any additional questions regarding hors d’oeuvres.

If you decided to go with a hors d’oeuvres-only cocktail mixer-style event, there is a $25 per guest minimum towards your hors d’oeuvres order.


Additional Group Dining Information:

Will your event be All-on-one check or Individual checks (for example, it can by person or immediate-family groupings)?
Will there be a Hosted bar or a Cash bar? Or No Alcohol?
Would you like to offer guests the option of a dessert from our Dessert Tray or would you like to pre-order Mini Desserts or pre-order a Cake (cake & minis require 72hr advance notice)?

Please specify dessert type, size & quantity when applicable.

We also offer the option of bringing outside desserts/cake, though we do charge $1.00 per guest, since we have an on-site pastry chef.

We will also need a header phrase for the top of the menu.

If no preference, we can do “Welcome to the Lake Elmo Inn”.

Dinner service reservations include linens on the tables.

During lunch service we do charge $1.00 per guest per guest for linens, let us know if you’d like linens for lunch service reservations.



The interior of the Lake Elmo Inn is an adaptable space for many types of decorations, and we do our best to provide decorations for the season. We only allow flameless candles for safety purposes.  A cleanup fee will apply if any confetti or glitter is used in the Lake Elmo Inn.  Any banners or hanging decorations need to be prearranged with the Lake Elmo Inn staff.  Damages to the walls and/or woodwork caused by tape will be charged to the contract holder. Loss or damage to a group’s displays, decorations or other property brought into the Lake Elmo Inn will be your sole responsibility.  The Lake Elmo Inn will assume no liability for personal property brought into the restaurant.