Sunday Brunch

Sunday Brunch is back with a NEW LOOK!

Hours 10:00am - 1:00pm

$38.00 for Adults
$19.00 for Children (3 -11 years)

Holiday Brunch:

$43 adult

Sunday Brunch:

Our brunch includes an ever-flowing glass of champagne or our nonalcoholic champagne, which is a sweet catawba juice. Fresh caramel rolls are served to your table.

4-course served meal:





-choose one item from each course

*Menu will change often*


​Curbside Sunday Champagne Brunch INN a box:

Sunday Brunch is now being offered for curbside!

-Choose 1 item from each course from the current weeks menu. 

-Boxes are for two.

-Every two orders comes with a bottle of champagne. **Person picking up order must be at least 21 if picking up champagne.

$38 per person